Monday, May 11, 2009

A Package From Somerset :-)

Its amazing what can happen when we put our trust in Christ.......
I got a wonderful package in the mail today, it was from Somerset! :-)
This Beautiful bag that my sister Deb made came Full Circle.....
It took a complictaed journey, but ended up where it truely belongs, where it began.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shabby & Pink......

Click on images to see detail Click on images to see detail
I wanted to create a bracelet that just feels GREAT!
I have used all vintage beads, crystals and rhinestone buttons. All in Pinks, aqua and golds. This bracelet is One-Of-A-Kind.
This bracelet is so pretty, and fits just about any outfit perfectly! I love to wear my bracelets with Jeans and tees, but all are designed to go wonderfully with a formal night out as well.
Have a Chic & Shabby Day!
$210 SOLD

Friday, January 30, 2009

Antique Rhinestones & Chandelier Crystals.......

click on image to see detail This piece is wonderfully amazing! I've used only antique and Vintage Rhinestone Buttons and Chandelier Crystals. Any imperfections only add character to this bracelet!
The Sparkle in the piece is so brilliant!
Wear this with a bright white Burnout tee, shabby jeans & cowboy cashmere.
$165 SOLD

Antique Chandelier........

click on image to see detail This piece is full of shine and sparkle!
I've used 100% cotton crochet thread, and lots of antique Chandelier Crystals!
What a great one-of-a-kind piece to wear with a Crisp White Blouse & time worn Silk or Linen.
$ 165 SOLD

Glass Rainbow......

click on image to see detail This piece was created using 100% cotton crochet thread, and lots of vintage and antique Glass Buttons & Chandelier Crystals! Everything on this piece is very old, and very beautiful!
This piece shines so brilliantly! The colors in these Glass Buttons glow like a rainbow in the sun!
So Beautiful on!
Perfect with jeans to cashmere....
$165 SOLD

Powder Blue & Ruffles.......

click on image to see detail
I've created this one-of-a-kind bracelet using 100% cotton crochet thread, and vintage rhinestones.
This is such a delicate piece, and perfect from chic to shabby....
$55 SOLD

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Antique Chanelier Bracelets....Sparkle!

I created this Crocheted, One-Of-A-Kind Bracelet, using antique Chandelier Crystals, and Vintage Glass beads and Crystals.
The Aquamarine Glass and Crystals add a perfect glow to this piece.
I finished off the bracelet with a Vintage Aquamarine, Rhinestone Button.....
A Happy Piece....

I thought that Antique Chandelier Crystals, in both Round and Square, were so Unique, with the addition of the Vintage Royal Blue Glass Beads, and Vintage Austrian Crystals.......

My Pieces will be available for sale soon.
At Present, Prices range from $65-$425
I welcome Custom Orders!